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He doesn’t buy into horoscope books.

November 9, 2009

LO and I were leaving Chapters when we noticed a stack of $3.99 horoscope books. Seeing as it was his birthday, he got all excited, picked up a Scorpio edition, and started reading about our “compatibility” based on our astrological signs (weirdly accurate, as it discussed the way that cancers and scorpios complement each other well due to their similarities and also their differences).

Then, realizing that the book also contained a daily horoscope section, he flipped to it and read out something about success in business on the horizon, but that he also has to watch out to make sure he doesn’t “spread himself too thin”.

He looks up from the book, with this intellectual look on his face, then scrunches it and says, pretty seriously:

“What the fuck am I? PEANUT BUTTER?”

AHahahahhahahaaaaaaa. I laughed hard.

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