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He drives with his foot out the window.

October 29, 2009

A few years ago, I saw a woman knitting in her car. At a red light. No joke.

We pulled up next to her and, while a friend’s boyfriend rolled down the window and asked her whether she was cold (it was July), I just sat there laughing and thinking that she was a fucking idiot.

So imagine the look of terror on my face as, one fine long weekend Monday, LO is driving the two of us back from London in my car and rolls down the window, then proceeds to stick his foot out. While going something over 100. And switching lanes.


Okay, I was an asshole. I took a photo to document it.

 Naturally, I begin to scream at him to place his limb back into the vehicle, but this just gets him more excited and inspired to wave and wiggle his foot at other cars in the next lane. He is having the time of his life, bragging about his multi-tasking and saying something about how this will air out his socks when we hear a police siren behind us.


 And a few minutes later…

That doesn't look like the face of regret.

That doesn't look like the face of regret.

When the cop cames by, LO is able to talk down the ticket from careless driving to improper lane change, but I am not impressed. Because, while the police man might be a sucker for this particular type of innocent charm, I know. I know that this is the guy capable of such other driving-related offenses as:


Eating poppy seed cake from the Polish store TWO MINUTES after buying it because home is too far away.




Exploiting his awesome girlfriend by taking cute couple shots after she falls asleep (yes, while driving!) and not telling her about them until she finds them the next day while uploading her pictures (Unfortunately, I have several photos like this, from several different days. I should really start drinking coffee before getting into a car with this guy).

EDIT: I just realized, from looking at the photos, that LO was also not wearing a shirt when this foot incident occured. It’s a wonder he wasn’t asked to do a breath test!

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